Lung Cancer Prediction and Classification using Data Mining Algorithm

  • Thamilselvan P Assistant Professor
Keywords: Adaboost, Prediction, Classification, CT Images, Data Mining, Detection, Lung Cancer.


Today, cancer has become a common disease that can afflict the existence of one of each three individuals. Lung cancer is additionally one of the cancer types for which early conclusion and detection is especially significant. The previous lung cancer is detected, the higher the chances of the patient being dealt with. In this way, numerous early detection or prediction techniques are being researched and utilized in the battle against lung cancer. Cancer is the main cause of death for all kinds of people. Early identification of lung cancer can be useful in curing the lung disease fully. So the prerequisite of techniques to detect the occurrence of cancer knob in right on time stage is increasing. Prior analysis of Lung Cancer saves huge lives, bombing which might prompt other extreme issues causing abrupt deadly end. Its cure rate and prediction depends basically on the early detection and analysis of the disease. One of the most common types of medical malpractices internationally is a blunder in determination. Information discovery and data mining have tracked down various applications in business and scientific area. Important information can be discovered from application of data mining techniques in healthcare framework. In this paper, Adaboost algorithm is used to predict the lung cancer and find the classification accuracy in CT Lung Images.

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