Denial of Service on Neighbor Discovery Protocol Processes in the Network of IPv6 Link-local

  • Ghaith Amlak
  • Firas Kamal
  • Ahmed K. Al-Ani USM
Keywords: IPv6 Link-local Network, NDP Processes, DoS Attack


Most devices are nowadays connected automatically via an IPv6 address. IPv6 was developed in 1998 so that the IPv4 address space issues are solved. Due to rapid technological advancements, i.e., the Internet of Things (IoT), IPv4 is no more efficiently functioning. Therefore, IPv6 introduced with a novel protocol, i.e., Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP). It involves many processes to facilitate the communication operation between nodes (hosts and router) that are located on the same link. The attack of Denial of Service (DoS) is a frequent attack that threatens the network of the NDP IPv6 link-local. We have reviewed in this paper the main process of NDP and the security issues of these processes. The future direction involves developing a prevention mechanism. The new mechanism aims at securing the NDP processes in the network of IPv6 link-local.