E-Mobility scheduling for the provision of ancillary services to the power system

  • Alessandro Blaco
  • Filippo Bovera
  • Davide Falabretti
  • Francesco Gulotta Politecnico di Milano
  • Marco Merlo
  • Matteo Moncecchi
  • Giuliano Rancilio
Keywords: Electric Vehicles, Ancillary services, Scheduling, Aggregation, Power dispatch, optimization


In the present paper, the charging of an electric vehicles fleet is scheduled in order to provide power balance regulation to the electric grid. The starting of e-cars charging can be optimized according to predetermined limits set by users, in order to adjust the power exchange profile of the aggregated fleet. Ancillary services are sold on the Ancillary Services Market. Therefore, an analysis of the Italian Ancillary Services Market is provided to check the performance of the strategy proposed according to the actual market requirements. In this way, useful figures are provided to the reader in order to evaluate the technical and economic viability of the approach.